The County Fair


I was delighted when I read of the dates for the LA County Fair and looked forward to seeing it for myself, especially when I read of the craft and cooking competitions.  It promised so much and even though friends here raised an eyebrow when they heard of my plan to visit, I remained optimistic.



As suggested, we arrived early and made our way through the rides and hot dog stands, to the Grandstand, where the craft show was.



Once inside, I was interested to see the exhibits displayed in purpose-built, closed glass showcases.  We seemed to be the only ones looking around this part of the show and it did feel rather empty.  The small booths were set up for demonstrators - presumably later in the day there would be things to see and stuff to watch.



The table setting competition was quite fun, especially since the judge's comments were there to read.  This one had further comments written in response - I'm quite pleased that isn't a feature in the shows I am involved in!



Sadly, the craft exhibits were not really as great as I'd have expected and I didn't see much to inspire me.



Then, in the next showcase, lurked every craft judge's least favourite character



How interesting to see he has made it half way round the world!

But there was worse.



There was the food, including this case of decorated cakes.  Bearing in mind that the temperature today was nearing 100F and that there was no refrigeration, it was hardly surprising that some of these cakes were looking a little sad.  When we learned that they had been there since the start of the show nearly four weeks ago we gave a little gasp.  How did we know they had been there that long?  The woman spraying each one with an anti-roach spray told us!  I can't say how unspeakably disgusting the loaf with a rotten centre looked...

We moved on swiftly, out into the open air and past some other curiosities



At least it's only dipped, not covered!



Deep fried Avocados anyone?



"Everything smothered in chocolate" really does include pickles...


I admitted defeat.  Yes, Mary, Elizabeth, Diana, Joanna.  You were all correct.  It wasn't really our kind of event.  But at least we can say that with experience!


We headed away for lunch at an old favourite: Twoheys.  After a visit to San Gabriel Beads to spend some of Fanny's money for her, we enjoyed dessert at Fosselmanns, cited in the Observer recently as the source of the best milk shake in the world.

We're not disagreeing with that statement  - but will have to keep sampling!

Too sleepy to blog