Silver linings

Silver linings

I have my computer back - or rather, Mark has changed my broken computer for the identical one we bought for the music room last year.  He's reloaded the basics and I have most of my data back in place, even if all those sign-in passwords, bookmarks and so on need replacing.  So, the back up program did its job ok with all of that - what's missing is all photographs taken since February (though thankfully, I wrote our holiday pics to a dvd recently....phew!)  Hopefully, they're all still there on the old hard drive and he'll be able to retrieve them in the next few days, now we're out of crisis management mode.

We (I!) have reassessed our (my!) backup routines and have invested in two 1Tb external hard disks in John Lewis yesterday and music and photo storage is hopefully more secure as a result. 

Hopefully, that's it as far as "learning experiences" go this week. 

On a more positive note, the time gained from not sitting here at a keyboard has been well used.  Here's the evidence:

Not to mention another project used as occupational therapy which I'll blog about later.

Well, I had to find something to do, didn't I?


on 2009-09-20 16:06 by Gill Thomas

A shout of triumph was a good indicator of success on the retrieving lost files front.  Looks like I shall soon have all photos and other treasures restored...

Do we have fun or what?

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