Another day, another spa...or two


Our guidebook suggested that Marianske Lazne was worth a visit and so it turned out to be



Altogether different to Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne was quieter, less flashy and set amongst lovely gardens with a more open feel to it.  The primary language on the street was German rather than Russian and the average age rather more than sixty!  We imagined our grandparents enjoying a week here, promenading and sitting in the gardens watching the world go by.  They would have remembered to be by the fountain on the dot of every other hour, to hear it "sing" (ie play a recording of some piece or other) and they'd have taken tea at one of the charming cafes along the Colonnade.



They may have been braver than us and "taken the waters", paying 5kp to leave their cup in this repository rather than carry it to and fro all day.



We simply enjoyed being there, watching people and admiring the fine architecture.  From time to time we gazed upward and spotted an oddity or two



What would our Grandparents have made of that cosmonaut in the painting on the ceiling?



This afternoon's spa was Frantiskovny Lazne, which made Marianske Lazne seem like a riot.  The central promenade was reminiscent of a Disney Main Street, perfectly manicured and primped with matching yellow buildings and red geraniums.

We couldn't stand the pace and headed back to Karlovy Vary, for an afternoon watching people go by from behind a glass or two.  We were entertained by a few players from the local orchestra who played a few light classics to the crowds in the Colonnade. 


and a small conductor joined in the fun whilst us oldies cooed at his charm.


Time to move on, perhaps!


Honey pot

Somewhere else