Hotel Art: the first batch

Remember the tulips in Den Haag?



 Such life, colour and above all, where else but the Netherlands?  Could there be anywhere else with better art than this, I wonder?


 In Weimar, of course, there's Goethe and Schiller above the bedhead.  I imagine every room had the same print which gave a fine sense of place but was a little dull.


Another print in Dresden, one of a pair, although the other, blue variation had so much reflection that it wasn't worth posting.  Imagine something along similar lines in blue and you've got it.



I rather liked these multi-layered images, even if they were rather too densely layered to be able to decipher.  But at the end of our corridor, there was the strangest, narrowest piece of art I've seen.


Though my photograph doesn't show the colours so well, this 5cm wide, metre long strip was a mixture of colour splatters and I could discern no particular design.  Imagine a yard of Jackson Pollock....


And finally for tonight, some of the Karlovy Vary collection.  At times, I felt that our room resembled something like a village art fair, with five unconnected pictures which appeared to be originals.






Mind you, the hotel lounge had a fair share too



Bearing in mind that only the Party Faithful could have stayed here in "the old days", when it was the Grand Hotel Moscow, perhaps it's unsurprising to find the place filled with all kinds of treasures? I wonder how many pictures are on their inventory?



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