fashion advice

from Status magazine, in our hotel room.  Printed in Czech, English and Russian, the article gives the following tips for the season:

  • Mirror heel combined with colourful sequin embroidery - this is the ideal solution for those who perceive shoes as dance partners and prefer polish and passion.  Nothing prevents revelling until morning!


 (I think these shoes, seen in the shop window downstairs fit the bill, don't you?)


  • Ornaments in the minimalist style are boring.  And unless the owner has black models of architectural outlines in the wardrobe, it will be really difficult to select a dignified corpus for these accessories.


 (nothing very minimalist in these jewellers' windows, I can tell you.  Clearly people are following the advice)


  • One piece swimsuits damage our reputation.  This season we are wearing the "faso" swimsuit without straps, cups or whalebones.  Just light breast and lumbar veils.


(you didn't think I'd post a picture of that, did you?)



  • Highlighted hair strands were a novelty about a decade ago.  And by far not all gentlemen prefer blondes.  A rich flood of chestnut and carbon-black hair can please the eye pleasantly with its originality.

(nothing about grey, then)


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