Long day

Long day

We left home at 7.45am to drive to Heathrow for our flight to Stockholm which left, on time, at 11.25am.  Losing an hour en route, we arrived slightly early, some two and a half hours later.  We changed terminal and caught an onward flight here to Umea, which took all of 55 minutes - by the time we had picked up our rental car and found our way to the hotel, it was 7.30pm.  We've had a simple meal in the brasserie downstairs and now find ourselves sitting in our room on the 13th floor in broad-ish daylight.

It's 9.48pm and the cloud has descended so quickly that in the time it's taken me to type this post, the view has changed a little.

Isn't it strange that, however short the flight, it always seems to take a day to get anywhere?  The one exception being our Santa Monica jaunts, when taking a Friday lunchtime flight can have us mooching along 3rd Street Promenade in the early evening, basking in the Californian sunshine.

But hey, who knows, it could be positively balmy here tomorrow.