Not late, just rather early

For next Easter, that is.


In the same way as I always feel the right time to make Christmas cards is in January, I made an Easter basket today.  I've been reading blogs here and there and with a bit of time this afternoon and a pile of Moda Charm squares bought last summer in Las Cruces, I followed the link to Pink Penguin's Tutorial. An hour or so later, I have a little something ready for next year!  Great instructions, clear photos and a sweet finish.

In the basket are some cute shell buttons I found in our local John Lewis and bought on the "they'll come in useful one day" principle.



Over the weekend, I've been sorting through some of the things brought from my parents house and came across this apron, made by me in my first year at grammar school.  I wonder what possessed the teacher to direct us to cut the centre panel on the bias, making those seams so challenging? 

 Incidentally, the two seams joining the centre panel to the plain sides are run and fell, all neatly finished (as a result of pinning, tacking and all of that parlarver) Without doubt, this was the last time I sewed such a seam!



I am very impressed by my eleven year old self's control of the sewing machine, however, even if I wasn't brave enough to fiddle with the tension.

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