Role reversal


Leaving Terminal 5 this morning en route to Stockholm, we waited patiently as the plane was prepared and watched the crew board some fifteen or twenty minutes late.  Though we said nothing, there was something familiar about the First Officer...

As the Captain introduced himself and the crew (in a jovial, Radio 2 fashion which brought a smile to quite a few faces around us) we immediately recognised the name of his colleague in the driving seat.  The last time we'd been in his company, I'd been driving and he'd been in the back, for he was one of Edward's old schoolfriends.  This time, the roles were reversed and I'm pleased to say that he and his Captain did a grand job of getting us here safely and comfortably.

During the flight, he came back to see us and it was great to see another fine young man doing well in his career.  Sorry, Richard, we could see beyond that smart British Airways uniform -  you haven't really changed at all from the impish eleven year old who sat in the back of my car giggling on the way home!

Good day

Mothering Sunday