A day at the races


Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Gold Cup Meeting was always going to be an elegant affair, especially since there was a large WI presence!  To celebrate Gloucestershire WI's 90th anniversary, the event had a strong GFWI focus and every reason to get dressed up and have a good time!



There was a rich diversity of outfits on this chilly March morning.  And not everyone was a WI member - I haven't seen this lady at a meeting, anyway.



There was a surprising amount of shopping opportunities, mostly tweed but colourful silks too.



From time to time, someone worthy of high security was accompanied through the crowd - in this case Lord Vestey.  We were amused by the security cordon formed by these burly chaps holding hands as if they were about to dance the Circassian Circle.



I think the chap on the right must have been on duty a long time and was in need of a break, don't you?



There was entertainment



 study of the form and high finance



and such a happy atmosphere.



Good to see a Royal lady was there to oversee the occasion and share the fun.



Yes, of course there were horses, too.  But sorry, you'll have to go somewhere else to see them I'm afraid!


Everything in the garden...