Treasures together again

I'm home from a weekend with the Textile Treasures.  After spending so much time together last year making an exhibition of ourselves, we thought it would be fun to spend a weekend catching up on the gossip and perhaps, learning a new trick or two.

I spent the weekend in Hertfordshire and learned a little of the County.


What I really mean was that I slept in the Hertfordshire room, of course, at our college in Oxfordshire

Best of all, one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition was right there on my bedside table.


I am so in awe of the technical skills which were used to create that fantastic piece of pulled thread work.  Every square inch of it is exquisite and there is not an end or a knot to be seen anywhere.

Believe me, I've looked.


We spent our time on more ephemeral pieces, beading bracelets and learning to crimp.


We learned a new stitch and hope to remember how it was done once we're home.


We also did strange things with silk cocoons - the treasures referred to this as a "cow's udder".  Thanks, friends...



Every time I visit the college these days, I wonder if it will be the last time I have the privilege of a close up view of this amazing piece of work.  Perhaps next time I go, it will have gone for restoration and a new permanent home.  So I took one or two more photographs for my collection.



As always, the worst bit of a workshop is putting it all away again afterwards.

A night out in Minchinhampton