Same procedure every year

We are such creatures of habit.  Perhaps I wouldn't realise quite how much of a pattern our lives fall into at this time of the year, but keeping a "December Daily" journal makes it perfectly clear.



Returning from our (usual) Thanksgiving weekend trip to the USA on Wednesday, we did a quick turn around and made our way to Cheltenham Town Hall for the event which happens on the first Wednesday in December every year: The GFWI Christmas Concert.  This year it was extra special with not only the WI choir, great organist and a terrific brass ensemble, but also soloist Aled Jones - quite a catch!  Of course, every photo I took which included him is flawed in some way - he barely stood still, so you'll simply have to imagine you're there.


Believe me, it was spine-tingling stuff.



Next, if it's the Friday before the busiest shopping day, then it must be time to go and choose a Christmas tree.  Yesterday, we had quite a heavy frost and we thought these trees looked a bit odd, bundled together leaning on the fence.



These three monster trees (destined for churches or village greens, perhaps) were laid out like three beached whales.




Then, today, the first Saturday in December, is time to make mince pies for the choir rehearsal tomorrow.  Taking my photo of the day today, I was conscious that it could well be the same as last year (and probably the year before) - but as soon as I spotted this image, I knew I had this year's variation!  Mince pies don't hang around long in this household...



Three and a half dozen, made using the same recipe in the same tins, with the same stars on the top.


I find that quite comforting.


Never short of something to do, somewhere to go