Yet, in the dark streets shineth


Looking out of the window just now, I simply had to take a photograph of the inky blue sky.  The moon was there in a classic shape with (I think) Venus shining nearby.


Sights like these almost always provoke a memory; this time, one of a conversation between a five or six year old Edward and his Grandma as they walked home from, I think, Hull Fair. Mark and I walked close behind them, within earshot of their conversation. 

The sky was of a similar colour, the moon shining brightly and the single spot of light sufficient to prompt comment from my Mum,

"Oh, look at that beautiful star, Edward"

"Well, Grandma, it's not really a star you know, it's a planet.  I think it's Venus"

Result, one speechless Grandma who never made the same mistake again - and of course, one of those family sayings which gets trotted out whenever there's a single star (or planet) in the sky, whether it be Mars, Venus or whatever, because we are really not known for our astronomical knowledge however much we boggle at the night sky on evenings like these.

Not to mention the fond memory of one small boy - soon to be 25 - and his devoted Grandma, who we miss especially at this time of the year.

Waitrose, Stroud, 8am

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