Grab the party poppers!

I am not often provoked to having a rant, unlike our dear son who used to grab a copy of the Daily Mail just so he could find an article to have a go about.

(He assures us that he is on the receiving end of so many rants from other people now, that it's not so much fun any more)

But seeing a magazine on the shelf in the newsagent yesterday prompted a reaction so strong that I feel compelled to write something here, simply to get it off my chest.  Once I've done that, I'll go back in my box and carry on with life as normal.



Can you spot the words which get those hackles raised?  Can we not simply have fun and celebrate Christmas any more?  Why does it not only have to be styled but done so perfectly as well?

Seems to me that someone, somewhere is being set up for a little disappointment.  After all, how many (real) families do you know who stand any chance at all of pulling off a "chic celebration"?

What constitutes Christmas chic anyway?  Does it mean black tinsel, or is that so last year?








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Why Japan?