Though the evenings were drawing in and the temperatures really made wearing long sleeves sensible more than a week ago, we persevered in our lighter clothes until we'd been to LA.  Arriving home to no heating was a bit mean though, even if I am more than happy to wrap up a little warmer.



So today it was time to rediscover a few seasonal favourites and find a conker or two.  They've been in the news a fair bit since someone reported that they help keep the spiders away.  I can't resist picking them up when I see them (usually in the supermarket car park) but sadly, the house is as cobwebby as ever.



I love the silky smooth feel of the glossy brown surface and those delicate markings.



I especially like how the conker sits snug in the soft casing of the prickly shell.



Unusually, this conker is still attached to the twig so it sits nicely on my windowsill at this time of year.

Did you guess that it's not a real conker at all, but a marvellous piece of Penkridge ceramics?  There's another one on my photo of the day today, if you're interested.




Falling apart