We're here!

Sorry Georgina, your thoughts were taking you in quite the wrong direction..



Here is the place where KitKats come in weird flavours (Ginger Ale and Soy Bean curd shown in the photo)



Where pan scrubbers wear little metallic knitted suits of armour and a broad smile.



Where the concept of cute (Kawaii) even extends to the traffic management system around roadworks.



Where you can buy anything, including a can of hot coffee, from a vending machine.



Where the view from our 46th floor room looks like this. 


Sadly, yes, it is raining here in Tokyo, but we are having fun!!



A few bits and pieces found in Tokyu Hands here, including some patterned masking tape, some book binding thingummies, a few stickers and some little stickies which offer a reminder to take more photos!



And some pushbutton fun is to be found a mere step away ;-)



Off we go again