Since I last blogged...

...there's been quite a bit happening around here and not much spare time to write about it.  To summarise:


We've enjoyed some fantastic Autumn weather, though sadly, that seems to have been replaced by the normal dreary drizzle this morning.



I caught up with a friend for lunch and a great cookery demonstration



With friends staying for the weekend, we spent a glorious Saturday at Stourhead, one of our favourite places.  Eating a picnic lunch sitting on the tree stumps, amidst mushrooms and moss, we observed how even the simplest lunch of soup, bread and an apple tastes so much better outdoors.



Having said that, we enjoyed a l-o-n-g Sunday lunch too,



with much animated conversation taking place around the kitchen.



On Monday, I took a day off and started a quilt top.  I loved the fabric when I bought it, but now I'm stitching it together, I'm not so sure I am quite so thrilled with the combination of colours.  We'll see!



Then yesterday, I went up to London with Mark.  Edward joined me for an early supper at The Wolseley before heading home.  I then scooted around the corner to join Mark, Tra and Bo at their table in a different restaurant - having heard the final edit of Tra's CD over the weekend, there was plenty to talk about.

London wasn't quite as busy as I feared, but there's much evidence of Christmas appearing, some of which made my hair curl...


 (sign seen in Marks and Spencer, Marble Arch)

Off we go again

Off we go again

On a roll

On a roll