When men make plans...


...the gods laugh.  

So it was this weekend, when plans were in place for Sunday lunch; an opportunity to enjoy some company and lively conversation over a leisurely meal.  Good friends were spending the weekend with us and we take pleasure in gathering a few like-minded souls together around the table. Edward decided to come home for the weekend and join in the fun, lured by the company and the menu we'd planned!

A communication failure was the first hiccup when we discovered that our weekend guests were actually planning to drive home on Sunday morning not Monday, as we'd thought.  Next, one of the other couples telephoned to say he had the 'flu and didn't want to share. Finally, on Saturday evening, the dreaded lurgy befell another and we realised that we were going to have to rely on our own entertainment.

We had a great weekend nevertheless, spending Saturday morning at the Stroud Farmers market and bumping into friends here and there, Saturday night at the Stuart Singers concert in Cirencester - part of the Voices for Hospices event. 

As for Sunday lunch - well, we enjoyed the company of Our Boy and a hastily purchased rib of beef, having decided to put the planned fatted calf into the freezer for another day.

We even found plenty to talk about.