Time to go home

A couple of fun days here is a real treat and we always want to maximise our time.  So, the morning of our flight home is a last opportunity to get out there and soak up the last bit of Californian goodness to keep us going till the next time.



This morning, we took a walk along Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, admiring the lush grassy verge, so well tended and setting this elegant street aside from the others.  Until Mark spotted the joins in the astroturf...



We smiled at the sign outside this store - apologies for the reflection.

Next stop was WildFiber, one of the best knitting stores I know and one where there is always a buzz of activity.  This morning was no exception!



Last stop - as seems to be our habit - is Century City, an outdoor shopping mall with distractions such as Apple, Eileen Fisher and the like, which keep us entertained until it's time to hit the freeway to LAX.



Once there, we had a fun surprise.  Virgin Atlantic share the lounge with Air New Zealand so we were able to enjoy a can of L&P ("World Famous in New Zealand") as we waited.  A short nine and a half hours flight, during which we slept, and we were home.


Though after all those 100F days, it was a bit cruel to find our central heating had broken...ho hum!


Falling apart

Sunny days