I don't normally cross post to both here and my photo a day blog but perhaps today you'll indulge me if I post ever so slightly similar pictures in both places.  The thing is, how lovely are these tins of pilchards?

 I'm sure the folks in Waitrose this morning thought me strange as I stood ogling the delightful paintings on the three varieties.  Even more strange when I lined up the tins, making sure they were all upright and pushing a bit of stray polythene a bit further down the tray of red cans.  But no-one tapped me on the shoulder, no-one queried my motive as I clicked.

And having clicked, I had to share.


Oh, and yes, of course I bought some.  But will we open them or just keep them because they're so pretty?  Not many places where you can get a lovely piece of art for £1.29, are there?

Who would have thought pilchards and pretty would be used in the same blog post?


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