Getting there

A few small triumphs on the blog front.

  • I've realised the need to resize photographs before I import them.  I'd got lazy in Blogger and simply uploaded them as is.  However, I've downloaded the new version of Picasa which offers an option to export to a folder ready for upload - a timely update if ever there was one.  But I'm still working on the most efficient way of getting photos into my blog.  Bear with me.
  • Mark has redirected the site traffic to my new url - please adjust your bookmarks accordingly!
  • I've taken away the confusing "login" link - as I'm the only contributor to the site, I'm the only one who needs to see that.
  • I've learned about (and changed) my favicon.  There.  Didn't even know what it was called an hour ago and I'm already in the "advanced" menu.
  • I'm currently working on a 365 gallery which will eventually be here too, but for the foreseeable future, my 365 blog will stay on Blogger.  there's a link to it on my "links" in the sidebar.

I would appreciate all comments - click on the "comments" link below and remind me of something I've forgotten or which isn't working properly.

I'm really delighted with the features and ease of use of the Squarespace interface.  In fact, I feel quite - to use a favourite American expression - pumped! 

Not only that, the socks are coming along nicely too.  I'll show you them in a bit - when I get the photo bit sorted.

Predictable, moi?

A New Adventure