Amongst the less interesting purchases (ziplock bags, koolaid and other permanent fixtures on my US shopping list) I unpacked a few goodies when we arrived home.

There's a short length of a fun fabric spotted in Purl Patchwork which will make a cute little bag for a small friend.  The Interweave Felt contains a pattern from the Shibori Knits book which tempted me but didn't quite convince - maybe I'll give the scarf a try and see how I feel after a few months.  Couldn't resist the little Japanese polar bears to needlefelt and had a similar lack of resistance the minute I picked up that skein of yarn - or was that Jordi's fault?

A curious fibre mix, n'est-ce pas? But oh, so soft.

Isn't it an amazing colour, too?

Oh, and yes, that is an edamame pod in the picture.  Well, a visit to Kinokunya results in all kinds of amusement!

One more treasure from the trip

Strings of pearls