View from a desk

Following Jordi's request to share the view from our desks, I took a few photos in the studio just now. To the left of my computer screen, I can just about see what the weather is doing through the blinds - raining, as usual. I can also see that pile of paper which needs dealing with. I wonder what excuse I'll have this week?
There's also the old computer which is connected to my sewing machines - comes in handy when Mark needs a taste of the old Win98 days too.

To the right of my screen, I can look over to my worktable, where there are a few things needing attention, homes to be found and some newish books I want to read before putting them onto the shelves.

Swivelling round on my chair a little more to the right and I can see what my nearest and dearest is up to. Notice the screen is tiled a little away from me? Hmmm...if I sit forward I can see what's on it though!! This corner is where our best friend Roomba lives too - he who zooms around picking up all those dust bunnies when we're not there.

Next stop, immediately behind me, the door to the laundry reminds me that I could be ironing or dealing with the washing - but notice I stash all that out of sight (out of mind?) The travel bookshelf is a far more interesting place to rest my eyes.

Last stop is the door to the storeroom (best kept closed...believe me!) and the main door, out to the hall and upstairs. Telephone, fax, modem, security system and all of that in this corner...charge-central.

Curiosity satisfied, Jordi?

The fun continues

The fun continues

Fun weekend