Ah, the ocean!

"Home" in San Diego is this gorgeous downtown apartment, thanks to our generous friends Kevin and David....in this picture, framed in the arch. Just there, behind the hedge is a beautiful pool in which I enjoyed a cool dip when we got back yesterday.

Though we love being in the city with everything a step away, today we explored a little further afield. First stop, the "Old City" - actually a couple of freeway junctions north of here.

For some reason, none of us was overimpressed by this way too commercial collection of faux historic buildings and we didn't stay long. Instead we got back in the car and drove to La Jolla, a little further north, where we enjoyed mooching the classy streets and taking a little ocean air.

Not only that, but there was a great textile art gallery there too. How very civilised!

...and finally

Moving on