Dubai here we come

As the sun set, we stood on our balcony with a glass of champagne and watched as the crew became more and more agitated over the late arrival of several passengers. There was a lot of hanging around as everyone waited...


and waited....


The band on the quayside exhausted their repertoire and began to repeat Dire Straits numbers as finally, three or four coaches sped around the corner and screeched to a halt by the embarkation ramp. Not so quick, however, was the process of getting everyone on, for several of these latecomers were elderly and infirm and hurry up wasn't an option.

Finally, some 45 mins late, we sailed for Dubai. We have two days and three nights to make up lost time!

We really enjoyed our short time in Mumbai and feel that we're ready for another, longer, trip to India before long.

Life on Board

A morning walk