I know they are here somewhere

but where?

I really hate losing things, and don't - very often, because I'm an organised kind of person. When something does go missing, I can usually track it down by means of visualisation, working out when I had it last or simply going through the whole house methodically. Fortunately I don't have to resort to that option very frequently!

On this occasion, however, I'm stumped. I've seen that pesky little Ziploc bag of plastic rings very recently and can visualise exactly what I'm looking for. I know the kind of place it must be - inside a box of similar craft components, with jewellery or button-making things. But I've looked through all my drawers and cupboards, opened up every box more than once and they are simply not to be found.


And yet, they were somewhere here only days ago.


But I did find something for Maggie.

It's in the post.

It's Mothering Sunday

Meeting Maggie