Checking in for our flight just half an hour ago, we noticed how everyone seemed to have rather more bags than they'd brought.  The topic of conversation is how much has been saved rather than spent!  When we arrived on Friday, everything in my favourite shop was reduced by 25%.  In spite of such temptation, there wasn't much there to my fancy and I left with just a single pair of jeans.  But browsing in there yesterday, I spotted a jacket I'd not seen before and asked the assistant if the reductions were still in place.  Sadly not, she said, the ticket price applied - not megabucks, but nevertheless, more than I wanted to pay.

This morning, we dropped in again, spotting a new notice by the door "Up to 50% off".  Sure enough, there was the jacket, now on the rail with "take an extra 30% off" above it - and a red line through the price reducing it by almost half before that.  Just 24 hours and the jacket I fancied had been reduced by more than 60% - and because I have a frequent shopper card there (!) I got an additional 5%.



I especially love the Starbucks holiday theme this year.

 Though I haven't noticed a knitting theme going on in the UK yet?


Perhaps it started on the 1 December?


St Nikolaus Christmas card workshop

The Art Club