Knitting advice


I arrived in Ross armed with two abandoned lace projects and left with just one.  The other is now a few balls of yarn.

Friends, eh? 

Actually, they were right to cheer me on as I ripped out the mistake-ridden Ene shawl for they knew that those mistakes would bug me no end.  We all agreed that other peoples mistakes don't matter one jot, but our own work has to be rather better than that.  On Sue's advice, I'll use the yarn to knit a straight scarf/wrap with shorter rows to build my confidence.  Most probably it'll be the Print o the Wave pattern or something similar.  For now, huge triangular shawls are just so last year!

Sue K (yes, two Sues) had brought some yummy yarn destined to be - errrmmmm, a triangular shawl?  W Sue brought several fantastic lace projects on the needles and a copy of Nancy Bush's latest book for us to drool over.  Having generously shared some valuable experience for not only getting that lace right but for getting beads in as well, she's now expecting to see progress.  Hmmm.


Sadly, Bailey's doesn't allow photographs, or else you'd see the great visual treat that can be recycled glass, brown paper, linen, string and other such goodies.  As we enjoyed our lunch, we caught sight of more little details, things hanging from wooden spoons, scarves with sweet buttons and labels, wooden apples and little dolls sitting on the rafters which reminded us of some childrens TV programme or other (Was she called Lucia?) Suffice to say, none of us left empty handed.




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