Silk purse?

Oh boy.  Yesterday was a definitie "hide behind the sofa" day.  Not only did I have a double slug of Ofsted to keep my mind on overdrive, I also got to see the results of this for the first time.

As you might recall, I found the day most uncomfortable and quickly realised I'm not a natural performer.  Show off perhaps, but ask me to put my money where my mouth is and I find myself having to dig very deep indeed to achieve anything near the standard I set myself.

And there's the problem. See, I think I can do anything.  Sadly, it's not quite true.  And that bit in my profile about wanting to do it perfectly in the next five minutes is absolutely correct. So when I received a frosty response from Mr Ofsted yesterday, in spite of trying so very hard to do the professional job I'd been trained to do, I went into a swift and precipitous decline. My second encounter was a little more successful - ok, I shared the pain with a colleague, since we were working together on a training session - but nevertheless, I feel so very responsible if the outcome is anything less than perfect.

Fortunately, as far as Ofsted are concerned, I have talented colleagues who cover my tracks and keep the show on the road.  In the case of the film project above, once again, it was the real professionals who saved my bacon.

The proof of the "sow's ear" proverb perhaps?  The evidence is to be found here .  The rest is on the cutting room floor. 

And oh my goodness, they must be knee deep in it....

Time to relax

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