Hanoi Street Scenes


Have a wooden stamp carved whilst you wait


Wonderful arrangement of pipes don't you think?


All kinds of things are carried on and sold from a bicycle


These shops had dried mushrooms for sale - pooh! The air was "perfumed"

Nothing but towels down this street

Every shop in this street seemed to have the same range of wire racks

The Vietnamese answer to a Betterware Man?


Most people wait for the lights to change, but some don't bother.


It's normal to see a whole family on a motorbike, and for baby to "drive"


Taking the dog for a walk (run), Hanoi style across a busy road junction


In the modern city, there are many scenes like this, which could be from the "old days"
The shoe shop assistant has lunch brought in.

In Hue

Hotel Art 15 - Hanoi