Like minds

Isn't it good to have the company of like-minded friends? I first met Maggie years ago, when we were both stalwarts of our local Embroiderers Guilds and the cross stitch phenomenon was in full swing. We despaired of the way so many embroiderers became stuck with the technique and tried to make sure we were providing as many opportunites as we could to tempt them further into more creative stitching. I don't think we were altogether successful for I think that many cross stitchers have simply gone on to rubber stamping, then scrapbooking, proving that commercial persuasions are more successful than merely enthusiastic ones!

Anyway, we've kept in touch, are members of the same mailgroup and as we live fairly close, get together from time to time. We did exactly that yesterday - rather impromptu but none the worse for that. We didn't really have time to play - but anyone who tried to get a word in edgeways would have struggled.

Maggie, it was good to see you again, to learn more about your new toy (I'm envious!) and to share a few hours talking about stuff which would have most people dozing off. What's more, it will be fun to get together again next week, at the Textile Treasures exhibition, when we might even think to take a photo.

Textile Treasures

Knitting Project done