Fill 'er up!

We arrived home on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning there I was, moving stuff back into the studio at the crack of dawn. Well, perhaps not quite, but I was determined to get a good start on it. As you can see, we've got most of the books back into place after one or two wobbles about whether they'd all fit. We just got back from a trip to IKEA for more Billy shelves, to squeeze more paperbacks into the space available and whilst there got a metal shelf and rail for the wall beneath my wall units.

Cupboards are all full, except for the two metal roller door shelves, where my sewing machines will live. As I put stuff back, I noted where things were on a post it note inside each door - you know how hard it is trying to find things in a tidy room!?

Above are the two worktables, now filled with paper, fabric and thread. My sit and sew tables will be back in place tomorrow, now we've found the screws to reattach the legs.

The thing is, there are still a few things in the garage which need a home - as always it's the difficult things which get left till last. Just where would you put a dustbin liner sized sack of polyester wadding?

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