No time to blog

It's been such a busy few days, not all of it work (just most of it!) Some 600 and odd miles travelled and more to add tomorrow, when I drive up to Harrogate for the Fashion and Embroidery show which will feature the Textile Treasures - all 300 of them. I'm there until Sunday and will then come home via Hull, squeezing in a visit to my dear Mama.

Whilst in Hull last week, much excitement was experienced at a great Blogger meet - I got to spend a really fun evening in the company of Susoolu and her friend (and now mine?) Margaret. Seldom have three women talked so much - poor waitress could barely get a word in edgeways. Enough to say that we are of like minds, like interests and have hopefully persuaded Margaret to get blogging soon!

I'm working my way towards the toe of the first of a pair of Crusoe socks, in a PoshYarn I'm not really sure about (it was a sock of the month yarn). A bit sicky sweet colour combination which might just have to be a present for someone rather than stay home with me. We'll see.
So, been working today - had to go and visit a class, then assess some beautiful embroidery and now it's 5.30pm and it's time to go and see what's up in the kitchen. I guess I'd better sort out some things to pack for the next few days too - it might involve the iron, which is not a happy thought.

A week of fun and friends - and a good deal of hard work!

Restarting the Bunting Machine

Restarting the Bunting Machine