Joined the croc club

We drove out of Toronto today, to St Jacob, a Mennonite village where there was a Farmers Market. As we arrived, the heavens opened and this was the first stall we saw.

I tried on several pairs. This was only a small selection- there were as many crocs again on the other side of the board, more inside the stall and still more through the other side on the next pathway. Colours included silver and a kind of gold and did you note the price?! At more than 2 CA$ to a £, $34 was a snip!

The Mennonite girls running the stand were running to and fro looking for different sizes in different colours for their customers, whilst squeegeeing the huge puddles which were forming all the time. Of course, they were very conservatively dressed in their long, dark dresses and bonnets - and black crocs!

This pair came home with me - Mark chose the colour!

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