A(nother) Grand Day Out

We decided to act upon my suggestion to rediscover Bristol today, as the weather was fine and sunny and perfect for a day out. Had an interesting time walking around and being a home-based "tourist". Lunch in Wagamama was good too!

After lunch we explored the cathedral and I was particularly taken by how the light struck this small painted motif at the base of an otherwise plain column.

We stood for a while reading the memorials to the great and the good which covered the walls. Many were over sentimental and gushing about the person in question; I wonder what Edward Riley would have thought of this:

Edward Riley Esq

died March 3rd 1828 aged 83

Warm and affectionate in his disposition

Gentle and conciliating in his manners

Religious without bigotry


Charitable without ostentation

his every action

during a long life

presented but a continued and uninterrupted series of pure and active benevolence

He was loved and honored in life and in death he is lamented

Filial piety

erects this simple memorial

as a just but humble tribute to the high moral worth of one of the mildest and kindest

of human beings

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