Did it!

Such a collection of ingredients can mean only one thing in this house - it's Christmas baking time. When I was teaching, the Autumn Half Term was the week to get such things under way and I still try to aim for that - though sometimes, like this year, those plans go a little awry.

I use the good old Delia recipes for both. I have my Nan's traditional recipe, but somehow, Delia's works better for me. Her Christmas Pudding recipe is so easy to do - not much more than assembling ingredients and leaving them to soak overnight, that I can't really bring myself to buy one. By making double the recipe, it means I have a couple of standby presents for an unexpected visitor or two as well (never known anyone to be less than thrilled by a
homemade pudding!)

We each had a stir and a wish, of course.

The right tea towel had to be found to cover the bowl overnight, too.

Next, the weighing of the fruit for the cakes. Again, I make double the recipe, which is perfect for our large hexagon tin and a small hexagon for Mummy. I got help to snip the cherries.

I think there might just be more than six tablespoons of brandy in there, too, but the Christmas cake is not a recipe for short measures.

Two covered bowls of goodness, awaiting further action. A busy day tomorrow means that they might sit for a couple of days - but all the better to soak up those flavours!

Not much knitting

Got the urge