My turn

It's my turn for the next pair of socks, which are simple stocking stitch, because I'm off to a stitch and bitch on Thursday evening and I've discovered that if I try to do both at the same time, I often find the knitting suffers. Anyway, it's a while since I knitted up any Opal yarn and I'd forgotten what fun it is.

Some friends and family are getting handknit Christmas presents, and to complete the theme, I've used yarn rather than ribbon to tie up the parcels. A good excuse to get out some of the new toys - sorry tools - from the collection.

First, the flower loom. Have had this one years and don't use it much, but it's easy-peasy and does make quite a good flower.

The Pompoms were made using my new Clover Pompom Maker/Set a Fabriquer des Pompons/Fabricadora de Pompones/Herstellungs Set fur Pompons. I bought two pairs of different sizes and tried it for the first time today. The grey pompoms were made using the yellow one.

I know it's easy to make pompoms using cardboard rings but to be honest, I always find that a bit of a faff and seldom bother. The little Clover tool made it so easy, though, I think I shall be attaching pompoms to everything. I love the playful touch!

Making our door wreath

A little gem of a corner