One Photo Every Day

For five years, an Elegant Sufficiency wasn't enough.

I started 2006 with a challenge to post a photograph each day.  One of two online friends joined me in the project, though we each worked in our own style.  I posted only pictures here - words and thoughts stayed on the original blog - here, I hoped the pictures would speak for themselves.

I formulated my own set of "rules" for myself to follow:

Though some entries will be post-dated, the actual photo will have been taken on the right day.

I'd post the photo as it was taken and not manipulate it in any way.


After five years, the project has reached a conclusion and there will be no further "Photos of the Day" posted here. It's time to move on with a new challenge.  For the time being, I'll leave five years worth of images here.

Monday 31 December